Input Language

The competition used domains and problems formulated in HDDL. HDDL extends PDDL by a task hierarchy. For its formal syntax and semantics see the respective paper:

In addition to what's described in that paper we made some minor changes and guarantees for the IPC. These additions and changes can be found in this document.

We also have a small set of sample problems available:

We furthermore created dedicated test instances for specific features:

All these (two sets of) problems were evaluated automatically (prior to the competition), with logs made available. See our website with the participating planner stati.

Other Formats

For convenience, we provide an automated translation of HDDL into some other formats as well. These translators are part of the PANDA-Pi parser. Call it with --help to learn about all features, including possible output formats. At the time being (last update: 7.11.2021) the following translations are supported:

Note that PANDA-3 (not to be confused with the most-recent version PANDA-Pi, see website about the various PANDA systems) offers a translation from HDDL to ANML (the format used by FAPE and some other temporal planners). However, it's likely not to work out of the box. If you'd like to use that translation, please contact Gregor Behnke.