We created essentially two sets of data:

Log Files

For both tracks of the IPC, you can download a full dataset and a reduced dataset. Note that all experiments were executed 10 times with different seeds. Per run, we defined a base seed. For every run, the actually used seed was the base seed plus the instance number. The full dataset contains the log files for all planners on every instance. Since this is a lot of data we also created a reduced data set.

Problem Instance Renaming

In the logs provided below, every instance is referred to with a numerical code. For technical reasons, the instance numbers are separated between the partial-order and the total-order tracks and partially overlap! After the experiments were run, the structure of the domain repository was changed to allow for the usage of LAB. As such, the file names of the instances in the log files may not be correct anymore. The following two files contain a mapping of instance numbers to the instance files. The paths refer to the github repository.

Full Data Set

Every log contains the full output of the planner and the output of the subsequent verification of the found plan. In some cases, the verification took longer than the maximum time-limit of the job on our compute cluster (primaliry very long plans in the Towers domain). All such plans were valid. The planners are identified by a number which is shown in the table of planner above. The file names of the full logs comprise several information. The most notable one is the last number before the long sequence of dashs: it is the instance number (see above).

Reduced Data Set

In addition, we offer a reduced dataset. This dataset contains one line per run of a planner in which it found a solution (not necessarily a correct one). Each line contains 6 entries:

The reduced data sets can be found here:


In addition to the logs, we also offer the plans that were generated by the planners in the IPC as a resource. This can for example be used for research in plan verification. In addition to plans from the IPC planners, we have also gathered plans from runs of other planners (mostly the PANDA planner). We have removed all duplicate plans, i.e. when the same plan was generated by multiple planners. The current version of the plans is available on github. We will update the repository from time-to-time as new plans become available.

In total we provide: