Participating Planners

The following lists all planners that participated in the IPC.

For each planner its source code can be downloaded as well as its singularity container, which is is ready-to-go planner, i.e., fully configurated as for the IPC. Note that our IPC booklet includes papers describing the participating planners.

Nr.Participant Git Repo Singularity
1LiloTane ANU Gitlab container
2SIADEX ANU Gitlab container
4HyperTensioN ANU Gitlab container
5PDDL4J-TO ANU Gitlab container
6PDDL4J-PO ANU Gitlab container
7pyHiPOP ANU Gitlab container

You can build each planner by running singularity build ../image.sif Singularity in the cloned folder. In order to run a planner that is packaged as a singularity container, you need to create a folder in which the planner is executed. This can be your current folder, but be aware that the planner may write files into this folder. If you run the containers on a cluster, it is advisable to create one such folder per execution of the planner - else the written files may interfere. Assure that this folder has the absolute path PATH. Note that the hddl files also need to reside in the specified PATH location. You can then run the planner with singularity run -H PATH -C image.sif domain.hddl problem.hddl planner.out TIME MEM SEED, where TIME is the time limit in seconds, MEM is the memory limit in MB, and SEED is a seed. Note that the planners may exceed time and memory limits as these are only informational to the planner. If you need to enforce limits, you need to do this yourself.

If you follow these instructions and run into issues or have suggestions on how to improve this (admittedly short) description, let us know!